Team Buckeye Student Riders

All students of The Ohio State University are eligible to participate in Pelotonia as a member of Team Buckeye Student Riders (BSR) including individuals registered as full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate or professional students. Current enrollment status will be confirmed through the Registrar's Office a month before Pelotonia weekend to ensure eligibility to participate as a member of BSR.

Student Registration Fees:

Feb. 21 – June 10 - $100
June 11 – July 10 - $150
July 11 – August 2 - $200

Pelotonia Fundraising Commitments for BSR members:

25 miles - $750: Columbus to Pickerington: 1-day ride
35 miles - $750: Granville to New Albany: 1-day ride (Sunday only)
45 miles - $750: Columbus to New Albany: 1-day ride
55 miles - $1150: New Albany to Gambier: 1-day ride
75 miles - $1150: Pickerington to Gambier: 1-day ride
100 miles - $1150: Columbus to Gambier: 1-day ride
135 miles - $1300: New Albany to Gambier; Gambier to New Albany: 2-day ride (with housing)
155 miles - $1300: Pickering to Gambier; Gambier to New Albany: 2-day ride (with housing)
180 miles - $1300: Columbus to Gambier; Gambier to New Albany: 2-day ride (with housing)
200 miles - $1300: Columbus to Gambier; Gambier to New Albany (extended): 2-day ride (with housing)

Interested in a second day, 35 mile, Granville to New Albany route to any of the one day rides? If so, please add $150 to your commitment level above (does not include housing).

If you are not a current Ohio State Student, you’re encouraged to join Team Buckeye as an alumnus, faculty or staff member, or friend or family member

Important: To receive the reduced fundraising commitment levels uniquely reserved for Ohio State students, you MUST join a BSR peloton identified by the prefix “BSR-“. The reduced fundraising commitment levels cannot be applied if you join a non-student peloton.

All Ohio State students now register for Pelotonia through the Pelotonia website. During registration, please enter OSU STUDENT in the Occupation field to ensure that you are directed to a BSR peloton.

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Whether you ride, virtually ride or volunteer, we want your Team Buckeye experience in Pelotonia to be inspiring and successful.