Being a Peloton Captain with Team Buckeye is one of the most valuable and rewarding roles within the Pelotonia organization. As a captain, you are responsible for leading, motivating and managing a team of people committed to ending cancer.

To ensure the success of your team, below is a list of Team Buckeye Captain Best Practices:

  1. Attend and participate in the Team Buckeye Captains meetings. These meetings are informal and give you the opportunity to meet with Team Buckeye staff and network with other captains. Many captains use these sessions to brainstorm and collaborate on fundraising ideas. Meetings are once a month for one hour and are sometimes followed by a captains training ride. Meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month starting March 2 from 4 – 5 p.m. in room 105 of the Biomedical Research Tower.

  2. Distribute Team Buckeye materials. You will receive Team Buckeye information and materials at the team captains meetings. Use these materials as your recruiting tools. Hang up the flyers in common areas. Put a Pelotonia Yard-Sign in your yard. These simple actions can drive great results. You can also share information from the Team Buckeye social media channels with your team to help them stay engaged and educated throughout the year.

  3. Create a plan. Goal setting and planning is vital to fundraising success. We encourage you to set a recruitment goal (for number of riders, virtual riders and volunteers on your team) and fundraising goal. These goals will give you and your team something to aspire to over the course of the year.

  4. Be a communicator. As a captain, you will be the gateway to a lot of information that will need to be shared with your team. Set up a system to easily communicate with your team members. Tools like Facebook Groups, monthly team meetings or social gatherings are great tools for communicating that will not contribute to email fatigue.

  5. Learn and share. If you are a past rider, talk to potential riders about your experience such as what to expect, fundraising questions and training opportunities. If you are brand new to Team Buckeye and/or Pelotonia, set up time with Karl Koon or Zach McCune in the Team Buckeye office to learn more about Team Buckeye. The more you know, the better your team’s experience will be.

  6. Maximize your online presence. As captain, you have access to update your peloton’s page on Keep your peloton’s description up to date and add a team photo or graphic that symbolizes your team. It can also be helpful to create a closed Facebook group for your peloton to communicate and support each other.

  7. Set your team up for success. At the end of Pelotonia, be sure to debrief with your team on how the year went and what you can improve upon for next year. Keep a record of all the information that could be helpful for new captains. Set up a system of leaders to ensure that each year there is a captain and unofficial “co-captains” to help create sustainable leadership for your team.

  8. Be a storyteller. Does your team or one of your riders have a great story to tell? Let us know. Team Buckeye is looking to feature unique and compelling stories in various communications. Telling personal stories can also be a great tool to increase participation in your department or college. Share these stories with the Team Buckeye office at

  9. Ask Questions. There is a lot to know and understand. Make sure to check out the Pelotonia website FAQs and the Team Buckeye website. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, email or reach out to us on our social channels. Team Buckeye is here to help you become the best leader you can be.

  10. Never underestimate your impact. There is no doubt being a team captain will take work, but it is truly an honor to lead the charge among fellow Buckeyes. You will become a part of a group of authentic, passionate and humble leaders that are leading the fight against cancer.

We are happy to share a variety of materials and resources that will help you to solicit gifts from vendors.

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Whether you ride, virtually ride or volunteer, we want your Team Buckeye experience in Pelotonia to be inspiring and successful.