Vendor Solicitation Materials

Each year, many of our Team Buckeye pelotons reach out to companies or organizations that they work with throughout the year and ask them to consider a contribution to support their peloton’s fundraising efforts for Pelotonia. As we kick off Pelotonia 17, we are happy to share a variety of materials and resources that will help you in this process should you wish to solicit gifts from vendors.

View the following solicitation materials:

Guidelines re: soliciting Contributions from OSU Vendors

Pelotonia / OSU Foundation 501c3 and IRS Tax Exempt Letter

Team Buckeye Vendor Pledge Form

A sample letter to solicit gifts from vendors

A W-9

Suggestions on next steps:

  • Please review the guidelines carefully 
  • The 501 c3 / IRS Tax Exempt letter, Pledge Form, Pledge Form and W-9 form should accompany every letter sent to a prospective vendor.
  • The Vendor Letter has been approved by Legal Counsel and should not be amended in any significant way. Please make appropriate edits in the areas that are highlighted in the letter.
  • Be sure to write the name of your peloton in the blank space created on the Vendor Pledge Form.
  • FYI, Pelotonia is an LLC of The Ohio State University and the Tax ID number for the Foundation is the correct Tax ID number for Pelotonia.

We have found that this process can take a little more time to organize. Some quick additional tips include brainstorming all prospects within your area and identifying the person who can influence or approve charitable contributions at the prospective company. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if we can answer any questions or provide additional information or resources.

Good luck with this process and thank you for all you are doing for One Goal!