Kendra McCamey, MD, is an associate professor of family medicine for the Division of Sports Medicine. She is also a team physician for Ohio State Athletics, and program director for Ohio State Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. Kendra enjoys attending Ohio State athletic events and is an avid cyclist. Since the inaugural ride in 2009, Kendra has been the lead medical volunteer for Pelotonia. This will be Kendra’s 10th year riding.

How did you get involved with Pelotonia?
I first heard about Pelotonia before the inaugural ride in 2009. Practicing sports medicine and loving cycling, I thought it would be great to get involved with this event. The first year, a colleague and I offered to help coordinate medical care for the event, which involved starting volunteering months before the event to coordinate locations, supplies and volunteers with the Pelotonia staff, as well as working the weekend of the event. I have been a volunteer every year since the first ride.

When did you start riding?
I started riding Pelotonia in 2010. I continue to volunteer and ride every year.  

What routes have you participated in?
I have participated in both the 25-mile and the 50-mile route. As the medical lead, I have to balance riding, volunteering and working the event. I am able to rely on my family and a great group of volunteers so I can ride on Saturday morning. Throughout my ride, I often stop to answer phone calls and to help other riders. When I’m finished riding, I work in the Command Center for the rest of the weekend.

 How do you train for the ride?
I cycle year-round because it is my main form of physical activity. To train for Pelotonia, I slowly increase my mileage leading up to the event. I mostly train by myself. It works best because I am able to pick up and ride when my schedule allows.

Is there someone who you ride for?
Cancer touches everyone one way or another. When I started riding in 2009, it wasn’t for one particular person. My grandmother had cancer but I also had a lot of patients and friends who had been affected. I rode for anyone and everyone who has been affected by cancer. Through the years, cancer continued to hit closer to home, and the ride has become much more personal.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
Cancer affects everyone. Pelotonia means finding a cure. Pelotonia funds allow for research to find a cure for many different cancers and these cures will bring a better quality of life to everyone.

Do you have a favorite/memorable moment from riding in Pelotonia?
Seeing signs that say “thank you for helping cure my mother” or “thank you for helping me fight cancer” along the route is the most memorable part of Pelotonia. The support from the community while I am riding brings a tear to my eye every time. I’ve never been a part of an event like it.

What advice can you give for first-time participants?
Pelotonia is so much more than just cycling. Whether you ride or volunteer, Pelotonia is an amazing event. You’ll love being part of the Pelotonia community.

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