The Team Buckeye Bike Lease program is designed to provide cycling equipment (road bike, helmet and lock) for individuals who have registered to ride in Pelotonia as a member of a Team Buckeye peloton. The term of the lease starts on the date the equipment is picked up by the lessee and concludes on or before August 10, 2020 for a flat fee of $200 regardless of the date the equipment is picked up by the lessee.

Equipment Reservations

Eligible Team Buckeye Riders can reserve cycling equipment provided through this program by completing the lease form and contacting to schedule equipment pick-up. Payment for the lease must be made at equipment pick-up and participants will be required to sign a lease agreement at that time. A valid ID (Driver’s License or BuckID) must be presented before equipment will be released. All equipment provided as part of the lease program (road bike, cycling helmet and lock) must be returned on or before August 10, 2020.

Bike Lease Form

Bike Pick-up and Return

Equipment included in the Team Buckeye Lease Program will be available for pick up at the Team Buckeye storage facility located at 610 Ackerman Road on Friday afternoons (by appointment only). Equipment pick-up must be scheduled in advance with Team Buckeye. All equipment must be returned no later than August 10, 2020 between 8 am and 5 pm. If you cannot return the bike equipment at that time, please make arrangements for a family member or friend to return your bike, helmet and lock.

Initial Bike Fitting

After picking up your bike, we strongly recommend taking the bike to Roll Bicycle Shop at 1510 West Lane Avenue for personalized fitting and a quick tutorial on using the bike. This initial fitting is complimentary only at Roll on West Lane Avenue. Please call 614-230-2222 and make an appointment for the fitting and be sure to inform the Roll staff that you are part of the Team Buckeye Bike Lease program.


A fee of $200 must be paid in full (check or credit card) at the time equipment is picked-up. Credit card payment is preferred. Checks are payable to The Ohio State University Foundation, Account #314896. A receipt indicating payment will be emailed to the individual leasing the equipment.


Your signed lease agreement is acknowledgement of your responsibility for any loss or damage to the bicycle and equipment during the lease period that is considered beyond normal wear and tear. Any damage or loss of equipment must be reported immediately to or Zach McCune at 614-685-9977. The lessee is responsible for informing Team Buckeye staff of any additional damages or problems when the equipment is returned.

Failure to Return Bike

If you should fail to return the leased equipment by the appointed deadline (August 10, 2020) you will be held responsible for repaying Team Buckeye up to $600 to replace the equipment. Your signature on the lease agreement signifies your acceptance of this condition of the lease. Additional legal action may be taken as appropriate, including referral to local law enforcement.


Individuals 18 years or older, wishing to utilize this program must be registered to ride in Pelotonia as a member of a Team Buckeye/BSR peloton.

Safety Equipment

You will be supplied with a bike helmet and lock as a part of your lease. Use of this equipment is strongly recommended and may reduce your risk of injury and prevent the loss of the bicycle. All Pelotonia participants are required to wear a helmet during the riding portion of the event.

To make arrangements to get a bike, helmet and lock through the Team Buckeye Bike Lease program, contact after you complete the Bike Lease Form.

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