The Joan Bisesi Fund for Head and Neck Oncology Research

The Joan Bisesi Fund for Head and Neck Oncology Research is both a culmination and a beginning — a culmination of Joan’s enduring dream and the beginning of a community-wide effort to help researchers overcome one of the most virulent forms of cancer.

As if to underscore the power of Joan’s visionary dream, when this fund was established in November 2001, it was with the commitment of reaching the basic level required for an endowment within five years. Remarkably, this initial goal was achieved in only six months.

With your continued support, Joan’s Fund can continue to raise awareness of head and neck cancer and support research that will save lives.

Goals of Joan's Fund

  • To save lives by increasing awareness of head and neck cancers. This year, more than 50,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with a form of head and neck cancer, the most common being squamous cell carcinoma. If detected early, head and neck cancers are highly treatable and the cure rate is good.
  • To raise money to help find a cure. All money donated to Joan’s Fund supports head and neck oncology research at The James.

Each donation makes a difference. Even the smallest amount can be used as seed money to generate even larger grants from national research organizations.