Stefanie and Chris are proud to live in a community that has given so much back to others. Upper Arlington is a shining example of a supportive community — there, kids, parents, teachers, neighbors and friends support each other’s events to raise money to help fight cancer.

Kim Collins, Assistant Director of the Community Partners Program, is often amazed at the fundraising generated by school-aged children. From kindergarten to high school, Upper Arlington students are enthusiastic and well-supported in their efforts to bolster the Spielman Fund in more ways than one:

  • Hoops for a Cure is a battle of the teachers on the basketball court. Last year, Hastings Middle Schools raised $7,100 to donate to breast cancer research.
  • LAX for Life, a combination of lacrosse events for all age groups in the Upper Arlington community, earned over $7,800.
  • Jones Middle School’s annual fall production garnered $1,634.
  • Barrington Middle School’s fourth grade Buckeye Bonanza brought in $871.
  • Climb for Life raised $1,400 for the Spielman Fund. This was the adventure of Hans Aschinger and his mother Connie’s three-day climb up Mount Rainier outside of Seattle.

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