In November 2009, after a decade-long battle, Stefanie left us with a final thought: continue to fight. Through it all, Stefanie kept a positive attitude and was always grateful for the blessings she felt life had given her. Knowing that there is still more work to be done, she has encouraged us all to keep fighting and she has left us with a legacy of hope.

Michael Caligiuri, MD
Director, Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center CEO, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

Not only did Stefanie Spielman create Stefanie’s Champions, but through her tireless devotion and advocacy for patient care support and more research into the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, she helped raise millions of dollars for cancer research through the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at The James. She will be missed, but never forgotten. Her passion and commitment will live on for generations to come. She’s truly a champion. She was absolutely critical to the battle. This was her calling. She rose to the calling like no other.

Andrea Cambern
10TV News Anchor

A champion; an inspiration; a wonderful friend. How lucky we all are to have had you in our lives.

Jen McDonald
Senior Director of Outreach and Operations, OSU Medical Center Office of Development

During her decade-long battle, Stefanie showed strength, grace, determination and compassion. Rather than keep her diagnosis private, she stepped into the spotlight to share her cancer story, hoping to raise awareness for early detection and money for research. In addition to creating funds to support research endeavors and patient needs, Stefanie personally reached out to the community to help her fellow survivors. I, like many of you, witnessed Stefanie in action during one of these engagements and one word describes her impact and affect: Inspiring! Stefanie embraced life. She was open, honest and compassionate, and she always spoke of hope. Hope for new research, hope for new treatment options and hope that, one day, we will discover a cure for cancer. Her passion and commitment were amazing. I know that Stefanie’s legacy will continue to live on through her family, friends and the funds at the OSUCCC – James.

Lance Armstrong
Professional Cyclist and Seven-Time Tour de France Winner

Stefanie was a living example of courage and strength to everyone around her. Her perseverance was unmatchable. While the cancer community marks her passing, my family and I will keep the Spielmans in our thoughts. For her sake, we will continue the battle she fought against a disease that claims too many women all over the world.

Michael Tweedle, MD
Stefanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging

She was and is a great inspiration to those who battle cancer, their friends and family, and to those of us who work toward a cure for breast cancer.

Mark Puskarich
Founder, A Christmas to Cure Cancer 
(a Spielman Fund Community Partner)

I was captivated by the story of Chris and Stefanie and how he left the NFL late in his career to be there to take care of her and the kids. After meeting them and seeing their amazing love for each other and dedication to the path their lives had taken, I was “all in” to support their fundraising efforts, whether through A Christmas To Cure Cancer, Stefanie’s Champions, The Spielman Scramble or the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer. Stefanie was not only an amazing advocate in the fight against cancer, but a friend who was always thinking of other people before herself. She demonstrated that toward me on more than one occasion and I’ll never forget it.

Stacey Goodwill
Founder, Smash with Love (a Spielman Fund Community Partner)

Stefanie’s contribution to find a cure for breast cancer has been invaluable and will continue until a cure is found. She and I once talked about how surprised she was with how quickly they surpassed their initial goals for raising funds for research. She underestimated her impact and was always so modest. SMASH with LOVE chose to donate our funds, over $350,000, to the James because they shared our need to make a difference and find a cure for our mothers, daughters, and friends. Stefanie embodied this passion and set the tone for all of us. She has touched so many hearts with her courage and renews our resolve to find a cure!

Lisa Cisco
Founder, Buckeye Cruise for Cancer (a Spielman Fund Community Partner)

The most special part of the cruise was watching cancer survivors talk to Stefanie. She always made time for them, listening to their story with great passion and interest. Another touching story for me to share is that of a passenger who once wrote Stefanie a letter about her own battle with cancer. Stefanie wrote her back and her words were so moving and thoughtful, that the passenger told me she read her letter every night to help her through her treatment.

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