We asked our Facebook friends: How does Stefanie still inspire you? Here are some answers:

I was diagnosed and took treatments 12 yrs. ago. One day at The James while I was hooked up to chemo, Stefanie and her husband Chris came around and just chatted with all of us ladies sitting in our recliners. What a wonderful and inspiring couple! God Speed Stefanie! – Bev Dicke

She was always the face of courage to me, as well as a positive voice. I am still in shock that she is no longer with us; I really thought if anyone would ever beat this horrible disease it would be her. She gave me what I call the “positive fight” no matter what is going on in my life, it is how you look at it. Stefanie always seemed to look at it positively. – Maggie Poore

I can still remember that when I was going through treatment and had questions, she emailed me to give me support. Later I found out that she was in later stages and a lot worse than I was. I think of her daily and how she has inspired so many. – Brenda Ray Bunch

By her courage and grace in the face of this hateful, family-wrecking disease, she was truly an inspiration. – Shannon L. Camick

My mom was a mammographer and breast health educator. Now she lives in the Bahamas on islands where there is no mammography equipment or educators. Mom wears her pink Stefanie jersey I gave her while running and it opens the door for people to ask her about it. She does free breast health education presentations for the people in the Abacos islands...So give Stefanie credit for getting those important conversations going!! – Janet Phillips

I have always looked up to Stefanie…her battle/struggle was shown to everyone, even us who didn’t have cancer. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy two weeks ago today. Stefanie and Heather Pick have been heroes to me and now that I am going through it I think of them and their battles more every day. – Sonya Peters

Stefanie’s perseverance, unselfish sharing of her disease process and faith in God are still motivating many. —Nancy Heise Stefanie inspires me by having created a legacy of love, family, and courage. She and her family moved beyond themselves and are ensuring, through Stefanie’s legacy, that cancer will soon be beat! – Doug Alsdorf

Because of Stefanie and Chris, I felt the courage to live my dream of being a mom. I now have two children after stage 3 breast cancer. I now can serve as hope to other young diagnosed women who still want to have children. – Laureen Kessel Hunter

Stefanie Spielman is my hero. She demonstrated courage, grace, selflessness, compassion, and faith. I have leukemia, and she inspires me even now to look beyond myself and my suffering; to look at how I can remain positive for the sake of my family; look to how I can minister to others suffering like I am; and look to the LORD and the glorious future He has promised those who belong to Him. Thank you, Stefanie, I am forever in your debt. – Julie Davis

Stefanie had so much grace…God bless her and her family. – Judi Jay Fate

I am just a guy who lived life and knew nothing about the real issue of cancer. Along came the Spielmans. Stefanie took a life-changing, destructive illness and made it a source of love and caring for a community some of us call Buckeye Nation. Then there is Chris, a man’s man who stood up to walk by his wife’s side and stood like a rock. There was never a doubt where he was and what he was about. She gave those who wanted to see a vision of life and love and he gave men a look at what real unconditional love is all about. Then add into that the way they took care of the other members of their family. Inspiration could be spelled Spielman… – James P. Appell

As we all know, Stefanie fought her fight in public, and did so with such grace, dignity and courage! Through her willingness to live transparently before all watching, she raised awareness (not to mention her fund!), and inspired so many...as a mom, wife, sister, friend. Her legacy lives on! With my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis now, I am inspired to seize the many opportunities this most recent ‘crisis’ has allowed in my life, opportunities for good!! I am not a victim...but a vessel...for God’s glory. As Stefanie lived, and her family, God’s grace is always sufficient, and His strength is perfect in our weakness. What a testimony she exhibited, and continues through her family. Thank you Spielmans, thank you to The Stefanie Spielman Fund! – Diane Hardt Kukula

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