The Stefanie Spielman Fund is excited to announce our partnership with soHza, an online jewelry retailer where you can find beautiful handcrafted jewelry made by female artisans from around the world, particularly in areas where survival is a daily struggle. The jewelry is made from local hardwoods, beads and other materials—some is even made from recycled bullet casings melted down and given new life. With this partnership, we are able to connect women here with stories of survival by women from around the world.

When you purchase a piece of soHza jewelry from the “Stefanie Spielman Fund Collection” at, soHza will give a portion of the sale back to the Fund, helping women here and all over the world. soHza co-founders Vicki Miller and Cassi Baker showcased their new fall pieces with Maddie Spielman, Stefanie’s daughter, as well as Stefanie’s sister and niece, who all assisted in selecting the items for this special collection.

soHza was founded on one simple belief—“when a women is at the center of change, anything is possible.” The soHza artisans are making a difference in their own lives and the communities around them, making them an ideal partner for the Spielman Fund.

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