Chris Spielman discusses this milestone year for the Spielman Fund with his daughter Maddie Spielman.

Maddie: What have the past 20 years meant to you?

Chris: It’s been humbling. The amount of support that the fund has received from inception to this point has been remarkable. It’s something I never thought would be possible. And to see the growth that our family has been through during this time is also incredible. We’ve been through a lot, but it feels like everything has turned out right.

Maddie: What do you want to say to supporters of the Spielman Fund?

Chris: Thank you. Thank you for helping to keep Stefanie’s legacy alive, her dream alive. Thank you for providing hope
to those who need it the most.

Maddie: What has been the biggest change you have seen since the creation of the fund?

Chris: Breast cancer research has made great strides in the past 20 years, so that has been a big change that we’ve witnessed. But for as much progress as we’ve made, I know there is still so much important work to do to cure cancer. It’s why I am so proud of the community partners and individuals who continue to evolve and grow their support of the fund.

Maddie: What are you most looking forward to?

Chris: The ultimate goal: to say there is a cancer-free world. I look forward to that day and to saying that we played a role in it and that the contributors to the fund helped make it possible.

Maddie: As you are doing this work, what do you hear Mom saying to you and our entire family?

Chris: I knew you could do it. Thank you very much for continuing the fight. I am so proud of you all.

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