Patient & Family Experience Advisors

The Patient & Family Experience Advisor program engages patients and their caregivers as advisors in our efforts to improve the total health care experience. Advisors share their unique perspectives with health system leadership, faculty and staff by representing the “voice” of patients and families.

What Are Patient & Family Experience Advisors?

Patient and Family Experience Advisors are volunteers who may serve various Ohio State medical facilities.

Where May I Be Asked to Serve as an Advisor?

Advisors may be eligible to:

  • Serve on committees
  • Speak at New Employee Orientation
  • Review policy updates or educational materials
  • Educate health care providers about the patient experience
  • Become an Advisory Council member
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on future patient care initiatives

Who Is Eligible?

  • Current or former patients who have received services at an Ohio State medical facility
  • Primary caregivers of a current/former patient
  • Anyone over the age of 18
  • Those having completed volunteer screening, including a background check, an interview, volunteer orientation and role-specific training
  • Those available to participate in a minimum of five hours of service each year

Qualities of Advisors

  • Able to observe, listen and participate in group meetings
  • Passionate about improving the patient experience
  • Willing to share personal health care stories
  • Able to provide constructive suggestions and feedback
  • Able to work together to find solutions
  • Able to see beyond their own personal experiences

Why Should I Be an Advisor?

  • Patient and Family Experience Advisors have the opportunity to:
  • Advocate for others by using their unique perspectives
  • Meet other advisors while serving on various projects
  • Share their personal stories
  • Help educate medical staff and students
  • Improve overall services received by patients and families
  • Receive recognition associated with the volunteer program

Contact the Volunteer Team

Phone: 614-293-4663


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