Volunteers are asked to make a weekly commitment that is between two and four hours in length. We work with each individual to determine a specific assignment, day and time fitting their talents and schedule. Opportunities are available at both our hospital and our outpatient locations. Outpatient locations include The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, JamesCare at University Hospital East and JamesCare at Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza.

Volunteer Positions

The following are just a few of the volunteer positions offered at the OSUCCC – James:

Way Finding/Escorting

Greet and welcome families and visitors at the main entrance and other public areas. Provide personal escorts and guide patients, families and visitors to requested locations.   

Restful Nights

Visit the inpatient units in the evenings with a cart of amenities that promote a calm and restful environment. Amenities include eye masks, earplugs, neck pillows and reading materials. Volunteers are also trained to provide hand massages.

Surgery Waiting Area

Circulate through the area to ensure family members are doing okay and to help answer questions. Help escort family members to destinations in the hospital complex and to their loved one's room following surgery.

Chemotherapy Clinic Assistant

Volunteers provide warmth and comfort to patients and their families during the chemotherapy treatment. Volunteers provide refreshments, hats, pillows and blankets to patients while engaging in friendly conversation.

Patient & Family Advisors

Volunteers who have received treatment at the OSUCCC – James and family members of patients can apply to participate as Patient/Family Advisors. In this role, you may work directly with staff on committees and projects with the goal of improving programs and services. Volunteer advisors may have the option of participating in a variety of ways, including reviewing patient educational materials at home; attending weekly or monthly meetings or a one-time meeting; or speaking on a panel or at a public event.

OSUCCC – James Donation Guidelines

Thank you for thinking of patients at The James and expressing interest in donating items. Out of respect for the sensitive condition of our patients, we kindly ask that your items are created in a smoke-free environment. We are unable to accept skincare, body wash, makeup, perfume or body lotion products due to skin sensitivities and potential allergies. In addition, we are unable to accept clothing, purses, belts, socks or jewelry. However, hats and scarves are acceptable.

To ensure your items or projects are suitable for patients at The James, please contact the Volunteer Program at 614-293-4663 to confirm your project and coordinate delivery arrangements.

Pediatric Donations

At The James, we primarily care for adult patients (18 and older). Through a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH), we do care for pediatric patients who need radiation therapy. Pediatric patients are transported in the early-morning hours from NCH directly to the Radiation Oncology Department at The James. The children receive their treatment, which takes approximately 15-30 minutes, and then are transported back to NCH to continue their care. Since pediatric patients do not spend a great deal of time in our building, we do not collect donations geared toward them.

See donation guidelines.

Volunteer Application Process

The volunteer applicant consideration process includes:

  • Completion of an online application
  • An interview
  • Reference checks and medical clearance
  • A criminal background check (including fingerprinting)
  • State ID or driver’s license and Social Security card (required for a criminal background check to be performed), or student visa for international students
  • A two-hour orientation program
  • Training for the specific volunteer role


Adult Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with The James; we are excited to speak with you about the program. To start the application process, please give us a call at 614-293-4663.

College Students

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The college volunteer program for fall semester 2018 is currently closed. In October, we will be posting information on applying for the 2019 spring semester. We look forward to your application!

Contact the Volunteer Team

Phone: 614-293-4663