The National Cancer Institute estimates that at least 35 percent of all cancers have a nutritional connection.

JamesCare for Life’s monthly nutrition program provides an opportunity to learn about the value of food in cancer prevention and survivorship.

Please join us to learn how you can protect your family and yourself with a diet rich in super-foods, learn how to prepare healthy meals, receive new recipes and gain access to evidence-based nutritional information.

Open to all cancer survivors.

Register online for one of our nutrition classes today.

Be sure to check out some simple and delicious recipes that are filled with cancer-preventing ingredients.

The JamesCare for Life Garden of Hope is a 3-acre vegetable garden located on OSU’s Waterman Farm. The mission of the garden is to offer cancer survivors access to fresh produce and nutritional information to promote a healthy lifestyle. Contact JamesCare for Life for more information.

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