The Center for Cancer Health Equity (CCHE) at the OSUCCC – James is dedicated to increasing cancer awareness in the community, with an emphasis on increasing participation in cancer clinical trials, especially by minority participants.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Inform the community about the OSUCCC – James
  • Educate the community about cancer prevention, detection and treatment
  • Develop relationships in the central Ohio community
  • Work with healthcare providers and educate them about clinical research
  • Increase minority enrollment in clinical trials and research studies

The program is directed by Electra Paskett, PhD.

If you would like to request information, or schedule a presentation, please fill out our community request form or contact us by phone at 614-293-7020.

Speakers Bureau

Members from the Diversity Enhancement team speak to our community groups, organizations or churches about cancer-related issues. Services are provided in Spanish to address cancer in the Latino population. Programs can be modified to meet the needs for any age or demographic. 

Health Fairs and Community Events

Members from the Center for Cancer Health Equity team provide information and materials to community groups through health fairs and other community events. CCHE members assist organizations (coalitions, churches and others) in organizing health fairs or other related events. Services are available in Spanish for the Latino community. 

Men's Health Education Series

A culturally sensitive educational pilot program for men of color was developed by the CCHE and implemented by trained community health educators. This program provides a series of targeted educational sessions on lung, prostate and colorectal cancers, nutrition and clinical trials. The program was delivered to African-American men from predominantly African American churches and social organizations.

The program was adapted to reach men in the Appalachian region of Ohio and was delivered to men through worksites and social organizations. The program is also being tailored to the Hispanic community.

Sister Screen Saver Program

The Mobile Mammography Screening program offers screenings, referrals for mammograms and media promotion, in conjunction with breast health education offered in an environment familiar and comfortable to African American and Latina women: their place of worship, social group or other supportive setting. This is in part funded by a Komen for the Cure Columbus grant.

Family Reunion Kits

Family Reunions are about bringing loved ones together to celebrate family and pass along history and traditions. These events also create great opportunities to learn about a family’s health history and how it may impact the health of family members.

The kits contain information for the entire family about cancer prevention, detection and if the need arises—resources for treatment.

Each kit provides the following:

General Cancer Screenings: Many cancers that are found early can be treated and often cured. Our General Cancer Screenings fact sheet provides screening guidelines for the four most common cancers—breast, colon, prostate and lung.

Clinical Cancer Genetics: Some families are at a higher risk for cancer than others. Learn about our Clinical Cancer Genetics program and how we can help assess your family’s risk of cancer.

Cancer Clinical Trials: These studies offer the latest advances available for treatment. They save lives by providing valuable information in the global fight against cancer. Learn how to find out if a clinical trial would be right for you.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and cervical cancer: The new HPV vaccine will prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV, and along with regularly scheduled Pap tests will help reduce death from cervical cancer.

High-Risk Breast Cancer Program: As central Ohio’s only comprehensive cancer risk assessment and management program, our clinic replaces fear with facts by providing women with critical information and sound advice.

Nutrition and Cancer: Find out how you can improve your overall health and reduce your risk of getting cancer by the foods you choose.

Fact sheets are provided with information about risks, common symptoms, screening and detection for the following types of cancer:

  • Breast Cancer 
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Lung Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer 
  • Thyroid Cancer

Grandma's Hands

They may be old and wrinkled, rough and worn, but grandma’s hands pack a powerful punch in this unique program to help African-American women understand the importance of participating in clinical cancer trials.

Grandma’s Hands is a program created to reduce cancer disparities in the minority community by teaching older women about the importance of breast cancer prevention and treatment as well as the value of participation in clinical trials and research. The program uses traditional social networks like church gatherings, sewing circles, book or Bible study groups at home or in other community settings as stages for speakers to talk about clinical trials. Participants are encouraged to  disseminate the information learned to others in the community.

Healthy Spirits, Healthy Bodies

Our “Healthy Spirits, Healthy Bodies” (HSHB) program is funded by a grant from Komen Columbus for the Cure.

Through this program, the CCHE aims to reduce breast cancer health disparities among African-American females in Franklin County by offering screenings, education and screening referrals in an environment familiar and comfortable to these women: their place of worship.

In an effort to reduce the health disparity in breast cancer, the HSHB program aims to:

  • Provide on-site mobile mammography screening services at local community churches
  • Use culturally tailored information to educate African-American women about breast cancer prevention and early detection, and
  • Provide information on local resources where free or low-cost mammograms and support services can be obtained. 

Clinical Trials: Pathways in the Quest

Clinical Trials: Pathways in the Quest is a one-hour multimedia presentation that introduces early-phase cancer clinical trials to the urban community. The presentation consists of a nine-minute video followed by a 30-minute slide presentation and a question and answer period.

Watch the video.

To schedule a presentation of Clinical Trials: Pathways in the Quest, please contact us by phone at 614-293-7020 or by email at

Comer Sano, Vivir Sano – Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Comer Sano, Vivir Sano – Eat Healthy, Live Healthy is a project created for April 2012 Minority Health Month through a grant by the Ohio Commission of Minority Health. This project continues and is designed to bring awareness to the Hispanic/Latino community regarding the importance of nutrition and association of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It encourages participants to live a healthier life by eating right and educates them about appropriate screening tests and resources in the community that provide them at low or no cost. Sessions are in Spanish.

The James Cancer-Free World Podcast

Fewer African Americans and other minority groups undergo cancer screenings, get vaccinations and enroll in clinical trials, and the overall death rate is higher for minorities, especially for black men. Why? Dr. Gray discusses the reason and how he and many others at The James are working hard to turn this around in Columbus and beyond.

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