Before Your Visit

Appointment or second-opinion request

Step 1: Contact us

For general questions or inquiries, please call us at 001-614-685-5422. A Destination Medicine coordinator will speak to you in your preferred language to help you with the next steps.

Step 2: Submit a Referral Form

The Referral Form will enable staff to create a profile for you in the OSUCCC – James and Ohio State Wexner Medical Center system.

Step 3: Send identification documents

Send a copy of your passport or state ID by email or fax.

Medical Records

Step 4: Send medical records, imaging studies and pathology reports

Medical history, reports, imaging studies and pathology material (if applicable) are crucial for evaluating your health condition and creating a treatment plan. Whether you are seeking a second opinion or patient care at the medical center and OSUCCC – James, a copy of pertinent medical records from your current and most recent treatment should be translated into English and sent to Destination Medicine by email, fax or mail. Imaging studies and biopsy slides/blocks can be mailed.

Once we receive your complete medical records, we will assign your case to a physician.

Billing and Insurance

Whether you have domestic or international insurance, government-sponsorship, or are self-pay, the Destination Medicine staff will discuss billing and payment options with you before your arrival.

Step 5: Tell us about your coverage


Submit a copy of the front and back of your insurance card by email or fax. We will then verify health coverage prior to your visit.


If you are eligible for government-sponsorship, contact the institution granting medical coverage in your country of residence to initiate the process. Once we receive a letter of financial coverage, we will contact you about the next steps.


Once records are received, the Destination Medicine staff will contact you to provide a cost estimate based on the treatment plan outlined by the medical center and OSUCCC – James clinical teams. Payment is required before services are rendered.

Estimates are based on the medical records provided and the initial treatment plan outlined prior to your arrival. Estimates are subject to change, and final charges will be discussed with you after your stay is completed.

Appointment scheduling

Step 6: Schedule an appointment or conference call

We will coordinate and organize your schedule from the initial appointment to the last visit and make sure your plan of care is expedited and fits your planned stay in Columbus, Ohio. You will receive a schedule with appointments and registration forms to fill out prior to your visit.

If you are interested in a second opinion, the Destination Medicine staff will send you the conference or video call details ahead of the appointment. Be assured that our video calls protect your privacy.

Visa assistance

Step 7: Request a U.S. visa

Once your plan of care and medical coverage are confirmed, we will send you a letter to support your request for an expedited visa, if needed.

Destination Medicine

Phone: 001-614-685-5422

Fax: 001-614-366-5297