Hanaa AhmedHanaa Ahmed

"I feel improvement and happy I came to this excellent place. I am happy I found all the people here helpful and I thank those people who stood by me, especially Madam Chaibia and Madam Milly and Dr. Prevedello, an excellent doctor."

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Tito MolinaTito Molina

"One of the best things about the team that was with me at Wexner is that they kept me in the loop. They communicated 100 percent, they explained every procedure, everything that we were doing. I cannot be more satisfied with the hands that treated me."

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Asha Kalra and DaughterAsha Kalra

“Thank you so much for Dr. Benson’s help. He made me fearless.” – Asha Kalra

“Services at Destination Medicine helped us connect to the expert knowledge. Only because of Yuan Liu’s coordination and Dr. Benson’s expertise, my mom got a hope to live from her cancer diagnosis. Initially, she gave up and thought the game is over. You saved her and her entire family. My sincere thanks to Dr. Benson who was the expert on our case. Thank you so much for all your patience, thank you so much for reviewing all the reports and everything altogether. You really made us feel that there’s a possibility, there are options and we can go beyond that. When a patient feels fearless, that’s where their journey starts. Thank you for giving us the hope. – Neha Kalra, patient’s daughter

Jeffrey FrommJeff and Carla Fromm
Idaho, U.S.A.

"Our sincerest thanks to the surgeons and entire team at The James, whose great skill and high standard of care have left me well situated and confident as we proceed to the next step to defeat this disease. We so appreciate the liaison (Yuan Liu) coordinating between the doctors and their staff, the hotel and hospital to ensure all went smoothly. She helped make the experience as good as possible. The respect and gratitude we had after my 2014 endoscopic surgery continues with this most recent experience."

Eliane MelloEliane Mello

"I came from Brazil to be healed by Dr. Prevedello and his team at James Cancer Hospital. I’m very happy with my choice to come here and the outcome of my care. My wish is that every patient with a cancer diagnosis come here for the best care in the world. It was the best experience of my life. Always and forever grateful."

Nicole FuchsNicole Fuchs and Family
Minnesota, U.S.A.

"Without my team at Ohio State, I wouldn't be here to paddle around with my family, manatees and alligators! The doctors and the Destination Medicine team went above and beyond in every way to make sure I was comfortable and cared for. I will forever be grateful and will always look to them for my continuing care. Thank you team!"

Carlos BobaCarlos Bobba

"Mi permanencia en el hospital fue algo así como un descanso turístico. Ni siquiera me di cuenta que me habían operado. Por otra parte, la atención de todo el personal técnico fue no solo amena, cordial y eficiente, sino también una demostración de profesionalidad que me hicieron sentir muy confortable durante mi estadía. Los mismos conceptos son extensivos  para los funcionarios administrativos y de coordinación de Destination Medicine y los interpretes que cumplieron una labor eficiente."

"My stay at the hospital was something of a tourist break. I did not even realize that I had surgery. On the other hand, the attention of all the technical staff was not only friendly, cordial and efficient, but also a demonstration of professionalism that made me feel very comfortable during my stay. The same goes for the administration and coordination of Destination Medicine and the interpreters, who did an efficient job.”

Nelson OliveroNelson Olivero
Consul General of Guatemala

"I want to thank all the valuable support provided at The Wexner Medical Center to the citizens of Guatemala. I am very grateful for the excellent service."

Claudia MontedonicoClaudia Montedonico

"I traveled from Chile in search of experts. My diagnosis had been complex, so I needed a team that had performed this procedure many times, and I found it."

“The medical team led by Dr. Carrau took charge of my case with an impeccable procedure, delivering clear information in a timely manner, which allowed me to have the certainty that I was in the place where everything could turn out well."

“For me and my family, it was a moment of great anguish. We were foreigners with an uncertain diagnosis, but at The James and with the help of Destination Medicine, they gave us the confidence we needed, with an impressive professionalism and in an atmosphere of great respect, dedication and kindness. I feel immensely grateful."

Mary and Jack LambertMary and Jack Lambert
New York, U.S.A.

"Our experience with The James/Destination Medicine was truly extraordinary. Upon Jack (my husband) being diagnosed and our choice of going to Ohio to get another opinion, it was quite overwhelming when the appointment was made and we had just a few days to make all the arrangements. We were scared, apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. But once we were directed to Destination Medicine, they were the angels that guided us through things (making the living arrangements, getting all the required medical records from the N.Y. locations and sent to the Ohio hospital/doctors, scheduling necessary tests and doctors appointments, arranging transportation to the tests and to the hospital appointments, getting all of the hospital/doctors/test records for us to take home, and even arranging for a chair recliner to be sent to our hotel room after Jack's surgery)."

"We decided to proceed with Jack's surgery in Ohio. After his surgery, it was necessary for him to continue treatment and undergo radiation. Destination Medicine arranged for us to see a radiologist at The James to go over procedures so we would know what to expect. We were then advised to obtain this further care in Houston, Texas. Upon trying to make arrangements in Houston and finding difficulty, I contacted "our" Ellie from Destination Medicine in Ohio to see if she could perhaps direct us to someone in Houston who would help us. Ellie tried, but unfortunately, Houston was not equipped with any program/patient care assistance like Destination Medicine, so basically, we were on our own. We came to realize and truly appreciate all of the work Destination Medicine does and did for us! (While in Houston, I spoke with many people working in the hospital, as well as other patients, about our experience with Destination Medicine in Ohio and how the hospital there needed this assistance for all patients.)"

“Words can't express how grateful and appreciative we are for all of the work and care that Destination Medicine did for us. "Our" angel at Destination Medicine is Ellie, we were blessed to have her on our side!”

Jordan/Saudia Arabia

Going through cancer is one of the toughest things I have had to do, but The James team has made it so much more tolerable. Their motto is “No two cancers are the same” and they do their best to treat each cancer patient as an individual in every aspect of the word!

Barrah Dakhil was my first encounter with The James and she was a Godsend! All the way from getting me into the system, helping me upload all my reports, to greeting me when I had my first appointment. Her continuous support, warmth, infectious smile, follow up, professionalism, dedication and attention to detail were AMAZING!

Dr. Don Benson is such a wonderful doctor, a real human! He was so warm, patient and attentive; I never expected to get that much time and attention from such a renowned scholar; absolutely wonderful! He listened to what I wanted, I wasn’t a faceless patient; he took time and interest to know me and understand my needs and wishes. His warmth, professionalism, dedication, knowledge, attention to detail and care are hands down the best I have encountered!

I really want to thank everyone at The James from the receptionist, to the nurses to the technicians, everyone was absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much for helping me get through this very difficult time with less to worry about, feeling taken care of every step of the way.

South Africa

"Being diagnosed with cancer and having to make important treatment decisions is so stressful, so I am tremendously grateful for the unparalleled care that I received at The James. All of the doctors, nurses and other personnel we dealt with showed the utmost care and concern for my well-being and gave my family and me the peace of mind and confidence in the treatment decisions we made. We were also so impressed and appreciative of the coordination and help that the Destination Medicine team provided as they made appointments, secured appropriate referrals and worked diligently to answer any questions we had. Coming from South Africa to receive treatment in a different country and medical system, I don't know how we would have navigated without the kind and thoughtful guidance from our Patient Navigator, Barrah Dakhil. Thank you!"

Beverly and Richard Carter
Texas, U.S.A.

"Words cannot adequately express our sincere gratitude for the kindness, patience and helpfulness you have shown us. And Dr. Carrau has simply been a God send to us as he helped to guideus in this most difficult test in our lives. Specifically, his advice and second opinion meant so much — it truly gave us hope."

Gabriel Inghilescu

"I arrived from France via Texas two years ago and the professionals that I have meet at The James put me at ease and helped me all the way at every visit. The hotel and transportation were perfectly organized and I felt a human side that was a plus on the people that took care of me. I intend to keep up the relationship and benefit of the kindness and expertise of the team of Dr. Shabsigh and the great efficacy of Meryem from Destination Medicine. Thank you all."

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