In the Division of Surgical Oncology, all clinical and basic research activities are devoted to the evaluation and management of cancer. Our goal is to provide excellence in clinical cancer care; to educate medical students, residents and fellows; and to conduct clinical and basic research.

The Ohio State University Division of Surgical Oncology is committed to providing excellent, state-of-the-art care to cancer patients. Our surgical oncology physicians are trained in general surgery, have been certified by the American Board of Surgery, have received additional training in surgical oncology and are active members of the Society of Surgical Oncology. Special areas of expertise include gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma.

Allan Tsung, MD

Division Leader

Allan Tsung


Dr. Tsung is a surgical oncologist who specializes in the multidisciplinary treatment of liver, bile duct, gallbladder and pancreas cancers, with expertise in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. He is a professor of Surgery and is the John Marakas Nationwide Insurance Chair in Cancer Research.

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