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Accelerating innovative research to speed cures to cancer patients

The Drug Development Institute (DDI) is a biotech-like institute embedded in The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Our goal is to rapidly translate Ohio State’s most innovative research into tomorrow’s most promising cancer treatments for patients.

The DDI:
  • Employs a combination of targeted investments, strategic management and cutting-edge drug development resources to drive projects from discovery through early drug development, thus creating high-value new drug candidates
  • Enables Ohio State researchers to identify pharmaceutical/biotech company collaborators and advance their projects by cultivating relationships
  • Fully leverages collaborative drug development resources
  • Offers pharmaceutical and biotech partners innovative, high-value, commercially viable investment opportunities, thus fueling their pipelines and saving them research and development (R&D) costs

The DDI is a drug development organization staffed by industry-experienced scientists who work exclusively on early-stage drug development. By bringing an industry-focused perspective to all investment and management decisions, the DDI ensures that programs have a high likelihood of progressing to clinical stage development.


As a biotech-like institute embedded in The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, the Drug Development Institute (DDI) is the connection point between the research and development worlds. Learn more about the DDI, including our project-intake process and our capabilities to advance projects through preclinical development.

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Partnering for Industry

The OSUCCC – James Drug Development Institute (DDI) partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bridge the gap between academic discovery and early clinical development, accelerating development timelines and delivering innovative treatments to patients sooner.

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Partnering for Researchers

The Drug Development Institute (DDI) can accelerate your research project into new therapies for patients. Learn what makes a good drug development project, how to seek advice on developing a new therapy and how to apply for project support.

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The DDI invests its resources in the most viable projects after a robust validation process. We understand that partnering with industry will bring new therapies to patients more quickly; therefore, we encourage partnering discussions at any stage of development (partnering zone).

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Success Stories

Since making its first investment in 2013, the DDI has achieved a number of key milestones and is making a significant impact on the drug development environment in Ohio.

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The DDI is led by a team of highly experienced scientists.

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For more information on the DDI process, or portfolio, strategic advice on drug development, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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