Basic research is a costly, time-intensive and risky endeavor, but it is the cornerstone of an academic university. The DDI was founded to address the translational development gap that exists between discoveries made in the research lab and the conversion of those discoveries to innovative drug therapies for patients. This gap is often due to a limitation in resources and the complexity of the drug-development process.

By bringing an industry-focused perspective to all investment and management decisions, the DDI ensures that drug development programs have a higher likelihood of progressing to clinical and regulatory development stages.

De-Risking Academic Drug Development

The DDI utilizes its extensive Pharma drug-development experience to substantially reduce the risks, time delays and costs of translating basic research breakthroughs into treatments. This de-risking approach is done in partnership with our academic research teams and places strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration and a process-oriented style of project management. This approach involves rigorous, milestone-driven, go/no-go decision points aimed at rapidly moving promising new drug candidates through early phases of development.

Ohio State’s DDI increases the likelihood of success by carefully mitigating the operational risks associated with preclinical drug discovery and by incorporating industry best practices.

DDI’s Goals to Accelerate Projects

  • Identify innovative targets and promising candidate molecules and technologies
    • Robust scientific review
    • Comprehensive commercial assessment
    • Thorough intellectual property (IP) evaluation and strategy
  • De-risk projects
    • Invest necessary resources to achieve project milestones
    • Focus on industry-relevant drug-development go/no-go decision criteria
    • Create value by advancing innovative drug projects quickly along the drug development value chain
  • Develop partnerships
    • Rapidly advance projects to the point of industry partnering
    • Build a diverse portfolio of innovative drug-development candidates and technologies available for licensing

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