Partnerships Built On Complementary Strengths

The OSUCCC – James Drug Development Institute (DDI) partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bridge the gap between drug discovery and early clinical development, accelerating development timelines and delivering innovative treatments to patients sooner. 

The DDI:

  • Provides prospective pharmaceutical and biotech partners with a portfolio of innovative compounds and technologies
  • Leverages a network of subject-matter experts to maximize commercial value
  • Offers flexible agreement models such as licensing, co-development, new business ventures and research support

The OSUCCC – James has a robust basic research enterprise, the foundation of which is The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center that includes world-renowned cancer research scientists from 12 of the 15 colleges at Ohio State who are embedded in a highly collaborative environment.

The DDI brings together the depth and breadth of this basic research enterprise, along with clinical trial expertise (all phases) and the third largest cancer hospital in the country, to offer Pharma an extraordinary opportunity to develop drugs from the latest scientific discoveries made at the lab bench.

Partnering with the DDI provides earlier access to new innovative drug candidates with reduced development time and costs, increasing the value of your portfolio.

DDI Partnering Models Tailored to Company Needs

  • Provides access to a broad portfolio of early-stage, innovative compounds and technologies
  • Incorporates an “Alliance Management” team structure for the duration of the partnership
  • Collaboratively builds development plans and strategies, with timelines, milestones, resources and budgets
  • Offers flexible agreement models, including:
    • Research and Education
      Pharma supports Ohio State research projects, drawing on the expertise of established clinicians and scientists
    • Co-development
      The DDI and Pharma enter a co-development partnership to advance a drug candidate, sharing resources and risk
    • Licensing
      An Ohio State-developed therapeutic/technology is directly out-licensed to Pharma at any stage of development
    • Spin-out Ventures
      The DDI and Pharma establish a new business venture to develop a drug candidate
    • Fee-for-Service
      Pharma contracts the use of university labs or facilities to conduct drug development activities
    • Clinical Trials
      Ohio State conducts a clinical trial sponsored by Pharma

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