Why Partner With the DDI?

The Drug Development Institute (DDI) can accelerate your research project into new therapies for patients by:

  • Providing financial resources and strategic advisory capabilities
  • Identifying a pathway for clinical development and commercialization
  • Providing a systematic approach to managing the drug development process through timeline and milestone management, which keeps projects on track and moving forward
  • Identifying internal and external resources and collaborators to advance projects
  • Potentially securing a strategic partner for further preclinical and clinical development
  • Helping researchers navigate the complex pharmaceutical drug development process and culture

The final goal is to create a unique, high-value, commercially-viable therapy that addresses an unmet medical need for patients.

How To Partner With the DDI

Seek advice on developing a new therapy:

If you need advice on how to develop a new therapy or how to attract an industry partner, contact us to schedule an advisory meeting.

Apply for project support:

Lunch and Learn CBC 2017The DDI is always eager to learn more about innovative new research projects that address unmet medical needs. While we have periodic requests for new proposals, you can discuss your projects with us at any time.

We invite you to complete a short pre-proposal questionnaire. Submitters will receive an initial response within two weeks. If your project is selected for further review, we will contact you for additional information. The entire review process typically takes 12 weeks.

Learn more about how projects are reviewed and selected for investment.

What Makes A Good Drug Development Project?

From a drug development perspective, a project’s probability of success depends on several factors. Criteria for a good drug development project include but aren’t limited to:

  • Unmet medical need (size of patient population, availability of treatment options, major therapeutic advantage over existing therapies, disease area with high level of morbidity and mortality)
  • Validated target (loss and/or gain of function data)
  • New mechanism of action for either established or novel target
  • Availability of candidate agonists or antagonists
  • Potency (Kd, Ki, IC50)
  • Selectivity of agonists or antagonists – on-target vs. off-target effects
  • Benchmark molecule(s) – positive and negative controls
  • Robust enzymatic/biochemical assay(s)
  • Cellular assay(s) with assessment of downstream effects (pharmacodynamic markers)
  • Animal efficacy model with pharmacodynamic readout
  • Commercial viability of target indication
  • Potential to create core intellectual property, plus the ability to expand coverage over time

For more information about ways to advance your drug development project, contact the DDI at ddi@osumc.edu.

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