A Diverse, Market-Driven Portfolio

The DDI works with world-renowned investigators who perform cutting-edge research in multidisciplinary teams.

Highlights of a few current projects in our portfolio:

Activated B Cells as a Cancer Vaccine

Investigators: Thomas L. Cherpes, MD, DVM; Rodolfo Vicetti Miguel, MD; and Nirk Quispe Calla, MD

A novel B cell-based cancer vaccine, with the potential to be personalized to an individual’s own tumor signature, is being developed for use in the treatment of a wide variety of cancer types.

Tumor-Targeted Self Assembling Peptide Amphiphiles (Theranostic)

Investigators: Michael Tweedle, PhD, and Joshua Goldberger, PhD

This team has designed molecules that can home in on the acidic environment associated with rapidly growing cancer tumors. These specialized molecules could be used to deliver chemo- or radio-therapeutic agents to kill tumor cells or imaging agents to enhance visualization of tumors.

Multivalent Notch Ligand Modulators (First in Class)

Investigators: Mikhail Dikov, PhD; Thomas Magliery, PhD; Ming Poi, PharmD, PhD; and David Carbone, MD, PhD

This team of researchers has developed a new class of molecules that modulate a signaling pathway in immune cells to reprogram the immune system to recognize and fight evasive cancer tumor cells.

Selective RAL A GTPase Inhibitors as a Cancer Treatment

Investigators: Steven Sizemore, PhD, and Steffen Lindert, PhD

The Ral A protein has been shown to be a critical node in the signaling pathways allowing growth of several types of cancer. This team is developing first-in-class, selective inhibitors of Ral A.

Estrogen Receptor Beta (ER-β) Agonist as a New Approach to Targeting a Cancer Driver

Investigator: Werner Tjarks, Dr.rer.nat.

A novel series of selective estrogen receptor beta agonists are in development for the treatment of cancer.

An Anti-EGFL7 Antibody for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Investigators: Adrienne Dorrance, PhD, and Ramiro Garzon, MD

The secreted protein EGFL7 has been found to be a driver for AML blast proliferation. This team has identified that EGFL7 blocking antibodies can signi cantly reduce disease burden.

Building and Managing the DDI Portfolio

The DDI Portfolio is Focused on the Development of Therapeutics and Diagnostics for the Treatment of Cancer

  • November 2011: Creation of Ohio State’s Drug Development Institute
  • March 2013: First investments in DDI portfolio projects
  • Building and managing the portfolio is a dynamic process:
    • New projects are evaluated for probability of scientific and commercial success
    • Projects are continually assessed, with the reallocation of investments to the most promising drug development projects
    • Portfolio decisions are made early and rapidly:
      • Data-driven go/no-go decisions
      • Progress against planned development timelines
      • Changes to the commercial or intellectual property landscape
  • Accelerates projects forward using measurable milestones and industry-standard go/no-go decision criteria

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