DDI Team

The Drug Development Institute is led by a team of highly experienced research and drug development scientists with:

  • Diversified industrial experience along the drug development value chain
  • Proven track records of delivering novel compounds and technologies for clinical development
  • Experience in managing projects using data-driven, milestone-based project management
Jeff Patrick

Jeff Patrick, Pharma – Director of the DDI and Clinical Pharmacist 

Email: jeffrey.patrick@osumc.edu | Phone: 614-688-7329

Dr. Patrick is a residency-trained clinical pharmacist with nearly 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. He brings expertise in executive leadership, scientific and medical strategy and program building.

Erandi De Silva

Erandi De Silva, PhD – Molecular Biologist

Email: erandi.desilva@osumc.edu | Phone: 614-685-8869

Dr. De Silva is a molecular biologist with experience in genomics, genetics and target discovery. Previously at Genentech, she brings preclinical development and project management experience to the DDI.

Chad Bennett

Chad Bennett, PhD – Medicinal and Process Chemist

Email: chad.bennett@osumc.edu | Phone: 614-685-9230

Dr. Bennett earned his PhD at Indiana University and has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry at Merck and Schering-Plough, working in both the discovery and early-development phases.

Larry Scharff

Larry Schaaf, PhD – Clinical Pharmacologist

Email: larry.schaaf@osumc.edu | Phone: 614-293-6851

Dr. Schaaf earned his PhD at the University of Arizona and has more than 25 years of experience performing clinical pharmacology assessments in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. He has held positions with Upjohn, Pharmacia and Pfizer, and he was director of the Phase I Unit at the OSUCCC – James for 11 years.

Cindi Evans

Cindy Evans – Administrative Assistant

Email: ddi@osumc.edu | Phone: 614-685-6957

For more information, contact the DDI team members individually or at ddi@osumc.edu.

Contact the DDI

Email: ddi@osumc.edu
Phone: 614-685-6957