Claudia Rinkov Lectureship

The Claudia Rinkov Lectureship in Ovarian Cancer was established in 2011 in memory of Claudia by her family.

Claudia was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Aug. 10, 1949. She met her future husband, Mark Rinkov, while both were attending The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, she began a career in education and eventually became a mother to three children.

Claudia was a beloved wife, sister, daughter, teacher and friend to many. She volunteered often and served on the boards of many organizations. Claudia was an astute woman and was ever mindful about her physical wellness.

After noticing irregular stomach bloating, she went to her physician and was eventually diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Claudia stayed positive during her 3.5-year battle with cancer. She remains an inspiration to all who knew her, and her legacy continues through the Claudia Rinkov Lectureship in Ovarian Cancer.

“It is our family’s goal to help educate others to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this silent killer. If we can save just one life, we know that Claudia would be very happy.” – Mark Rinkov.

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