Biplab Dasgupta, PhD

Biplab Dasgupta


College of Medicine - UC



Academic Title

Assoc Professor

Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Biplab Dasgupta, PhD, a member of the Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics Program at the OSUCCC – James, is based at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

His research seeks to learn how neural cell/stem-cell metabolic and energy status is linked to cell cycle, lineage commitment, differentiation and tumorigenesis. He also is interested in genetic, developmental, post-translational, tissue- and stimuli-specific regulation of AMP kinase complex subunits.

One of his recent studies indicates that disrupting lipid metabolism could be a strategy for developing therapeutics for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNST).

Dr. Dasgupta has co-authored numerous articles in well-respected publications such as Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, Neuro-Oncology, The Journal of Neuroscience and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

Office Location

ML 7013 Cincinnati Children's Hospital

3333 Burnet Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229




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