Bruce Aronow, PhD

Bruce Aronow


College of Medicine - UC



Academic Title


Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Dr. Aronow's research efforts are directed to the goal of bringing complete knowledge of gene functions and gene activity to the analysis disease mechanisms.  To do this he works with investigators in many different areas of research to use technologies that measure gene activity and gene variation and mutation across the whole genome. His group works on the analysis of data and the development of databases that help researchers to predict active pathways of cancer based on gene expression analyses using gene expression and gene variation -sensitive microarrays and next-generation sequencing technologies.  He is now working on the development of new database system that uses extensive knowledge and data that profiles drug sensitivities of different cancers to help predict the powerful therapeutic agents against different cancers.

Education and Background

Office Location


240 Albert Sabin Way, Cincinnati, OH 45229




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