Gwendolen Lorch, DVM, PhD

Gwendolen Lorch


College of Veterinary Medicine


Veterinary Medicine

Academic Title

Assoc Professor, Research

Research Program

Translational Therapeutics

The overall objective of my research is use canine spontaneous cancer models to explore translational opportunities and refine best practices for use of these models. My research uses interdisciplinary collaborations to evaluate the dog with spontaneous lung cancer as a translational model to dissect genomic underpinnings of never-smoker lung cancer. We use integrative mapping of human and canine cancer landscapes (i.e., mutational burden, copy number alterations, exome sequencing, gene expression, neoantigens and tumor infiltrating lymphocyte characterization), with the aim of reshaping the understanding of biological determinants that reflect therapeutic vulnerability. Our end goal is to use genomics findings of our spontaneous canine cancer models to guide and evaluate translational precision drug development through canine clinical trials with the intention to accelerate promising novel therapeutics into Phase I human clinical trials.


  • Doctorate, The Ohio State University

    Columbus, OH (USA)

  • Doctorate, The Ohio State University

    Columbus, OH (USA)

Office Location

1925 Coffey Rd

325 Goss Labs, Columbus, OH 43210


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