Harinantenaina Liva Romuald Rakotondraibe, PhD

Harinantenaina Rakotondraibe


College of Medicine


Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

Academic Title

Faculty Emeritus

Research Program

Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention

Research Interest

Ovarian Cancer

Harinantenaina Rakotondraibe, PhD, is a member of the Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program at the OSUCCC – James, where he focuses his research on the role of new natural product sources in potential bioactive metabolites to combat cancer, chemoresistance and more.

In particular, he works on bioguided isolation, structural elucidation and development of bioactive compounds, and uncovering drug potential from Madagascan natural products.

One of his recent studies indicates that a compound (3a-O-[ß-D-glucopyranosyl]desoxypodophyllotoxin) has potent anti-proliferative activity against the HCT-116 human colon carcinoma cell line. The study also found that another compound ([±]-ß-apopicropodophyllin) demonstrates modest anti-proliferative activity against the A2058 human Caucasian metastatic melanoma and MES-SA human uterine sarcoma cell lines.

Dr. Rakotondraibe has co-authored numerous articles in well-respected journals, such as Planta Medica and Journal of Natural Products.

Office Location

434 Parks Hall

500 W 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210



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