James L Chen, MD

James Chen


College of Medicine


Biomedical Informatics

Academic Title

Asst Professor

Research Program

Translational Therapeutics

Research Interest

Cancer, Sarcoma, Prostatic Cancer, hemorrhage, Carcinoma, Renal Cell

Dr. Chen’s research explores how translational bioinformatics can be applied to cancer. Specifically, he uses high-throughput genomics to identify molecular pathway deregulations and to predict clinical responses to targeted therapies. His research and clinical focus centers on soft tissue sarcoma as I am one of our two sarcoma medical oncologists. To this end, he is testing a matching algorithm that uses genomic predictors to identify sarcoma patients sensitive to the chemotherapeutic, doxorubicin and/or the targeted agent, pazopanib. Concurrently, he is deciphering the molecular underpinnings of local metastasis in sarcoma using bioinformatics techniques to identify and test potential therapies.

Education and Background

Office Location

250 Lincoln tower

1800 Cannon Drive, Columbus, OH 43210



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