John F Sheridan, PhD

John Sheridan


College of Dentistry

Academic Title


Research Program

Cancer Control

Research Interest

Infection ● Influenza, Human ● Anxiety ● Wounds and Injuries ● Inflammation

John Sheridan, PhD, is a member of the Cancer Control Program at the OSUCCC – James, where his work focuses on mind, brain and body interactions in peripheral physiological systems.

In particular, he is interested in neuroendocrine regulation of gene expression in inflammatory and immune responses, and in stress-induced susceptibility to malignant and infectious diseases.

One of his recent studies indicates that pharmacomodulation of the monoaminergic system could be therapeutic as a neuroimmunomodulator during stress.

Dr. Sheridan has co-authored many articles in well-respected publications, including Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, Neuroscience and Brain, Behavior and Immunity.

Office Location

231 Behavioral Med Research, Inst

460 Medical Center Drive, Columbus, OH 43210




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