Meng X Welliver, MD, PhD

Meng Welliver


College of Medicine


Radiation Oncology

Academic Title

Asst Professor - Clinical

Research Program

Translational Therapeutics

Research Interest

Cancer ● Lymphoma ● Lymphoma, T-Cell, Cutaneous ● Sarcoma ● Anoxia ● Microsatellite Instability

The overarching research goal of Dr. Welliver’s lab is to understand the molecular underpinnings of subtypes of cancer and to design individualized, targeted therapy to augment the current standard treatment. Her laboratory training included DNA repair, cancer metabolism and cancer cell death mechanisms.

Dr. Welliver’s current research includes the following: (1) Investigating the role of PRMT5, an important epigenetic modulator, in lung cancer; (2) Modulating cancer metabolism to augment lung cancer treatment with Glucosamine; (3) Determination of relapse risks in patients with early stage lung cancer in order to select for appropriate adjuvant systemic therapy. Another part of her research involves bringing the best bench research findings to the clinic by designing and implementing early phase clinical trials


  • MD, Penn State University College of Medicine

    Hershey, PA (USA)

  • Post-doctoral, Penn State University College of Medicine

    Hershey, PA (USA)


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