Patricia Zettler, JD

Patricia Zettler


College of Law

Academic Title

Asst. Professor

Research Program

Cancer Control

My research focuses on the regulation of, and innovation in, medicine, biomedical technologies, and tobacco products, with an emphasis on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Cancer-relevant areas of interest include: (1) The intersection of state/local and FDA regulation; (2) First Amendment constraints on government regulation of tobacco and drug industry speech; (3) Ethical and legal questions regarding cancer patients’ non-trial pre-approval access to investigational medicines (a.k.a., “compassionate use,” “expanded access,” and/or “right to try”); and (4) Question regarding the scope of FDA jurisdiction (e.g., what things can FDA regulate, what things are properly considered drugs vs. tobacco products).


  • Doctorate, Stanford Law School

    Stanford, CA (USA)

  • Doctorate, Stanford Law School

    Stanford, CA (USA)

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