Rami I Aqeilan, PhD

Rami Aqeilan


College of Medicine


Cancer Biology and Genetics

Academic Title

Res Asst Professor

Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Research Interest

Cancer ● Breast Cancer ● Osteosarcoma ● Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell ● Leukemia ● Multiple Myeloma ● Adenocarcinoma ● DNA Damage ● Ataxia Telangiectasia ● Leukemia, T-Cell

Rami Aqeilan, PhD, is a member of the Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics Program at the OSUCCC – James. His work explores the molecular aspect of cancer biology in an effort to uncover the genes that contribute to transforming an incipient cancer cell.

Understanding how these genes (coding and non-coding) operate is a key to diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Dr. Aqeilan recently co-authored a study that revealed that ITCH pro-tumorigenic functions in breast cancer are mediated in part through the inactivation of the Hippo tumor-suppressor pathway.

Over the last several years, Dr. Aqeilan has shared his research in more than 20 articles that have appeared in well-known publications such as Future Oncology, Cell Cycle, Journal of Cellular Physiology and Oncogene.

Office Location

1088 Biomedical Research Tower

460 W 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210




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