Thomas J Scharschmidt, MD

Thomas Scharschmidt


College of Medicine



Academic Title

Assoc Professor - Clinical

Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Research Interest

Cancer ● Sarcoma ● Liposarcoma ● Wounds and Injuries ● Liposarcoma, Myxoid ● Soft Tissue Cancer ● Periostitis ● Hemangiopericytoma ● Chromosome Aberrations ● Chondrosarcoma

Thomas Scharschmidt, MD, is a member of the Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics Program at OSUCCC – James, where his research focuses on adjuvant chemotherapy for management of soft tissue and bone sarcomas.

He also investigates outcomes of limb reconstructions, oncology implant design, molecular biology and mechanisms of disease.

One of his recent studies indicates connective tissue growth factor, a downstream effector of transforming growth factor-Beta, could enable targeted therapy.

Dr. Scharschmidt has co-authored many articles in well-respected publications, including Journal of Surgical Oncology, Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology, and Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Office Location

725 Prior Hall Cramblett Hall, Henry

376 W 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210




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