Vincenzo Coppola, MD

Vincenzo Coppola


College of Medicine


Cancer Biology and Genetics

Academic Title

Asst Professor

Research Program

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Research Interest

Cancer ● Lymphoma ● Hyperphagia ● Tumor Virus Infections

Vincenzo Coppola, MD, is a member of the Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics Program at the OSUCCC – James. He is also the director of the Genetically Engineered Mouse Modeling Core (GEMMC) Shared Resource to assist other OSUCCC members in generating mouse models of human cancer and to study gene functions in vivo.

In his role of principal investigator, Dr. Coppola leads a research program focused on the study of two poorly characterized proteins, IWS1 and RANBP9.

IWS1 is an RNA processing factor involved in critical biological processes like cell survival and apoptosis. The NIH-funded investigation takes advantage of mouse models to elucidate the role of this protein in development and melanomagenesis and lung cancerogenesis in vivo. (5R01CA198117).

Recently, the Coppola Lab has published that another protein possibly involved in RNA processing named RANBP9 is a player of the cellular DNA Damage Response in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. As such, RANBP9 might be a biomarker in the clinics predictive of response to platinum-based drugs (Palmieri et al., 2016).

Dr. Coppola is co-author of more than 60 peer-reviewed publications some of which on prestigious journals like Nature and Science and routinely serves as ad-hoc reviewer for renowned scientific journals. He is a member of the AACR and the International Mammalian Genomic Society.


  • MD, University “Federico II”

    Napoli (Italy)

  • Fellowship, Mouse Cancer Genetics Program NCI-Frederick, MD

    Frederick, MD (USA)


  • Residency, Medical Sciences

    University of Napoli

    Napoli (Italy)

  • Specialization in Oncology

    University of Padova

    Padova (Italy)


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Neural Development Group

    Mouse Cancer Genetics Program NCI-Frederick, MD

    Frederick, MD (USA)

Office Location

988 Biomedical Research Tower

460 W 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210




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