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  • Patrick Green, PhD

    Research Interest

    Brain Injuries, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Edema

    ... and 3 others
    The laboratory of Patrick Green is internationally recognized for their contributions to the understanding of the molecular basis of T-lymphocyte transformation and induction of leukemia/lymphoma and neurological disease by the human T-cell leukemia viruses (HTLVs).
    Veterinary Medicine Acad Bldg

    1900 Coffey Road

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Tatiana Oberyszyn, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Inflammation, Skin Cancer

    ... and 6 others
    Studies in the Oberyszyn skin carcinogenesis laboratory are designed to increase our understanding of the function of biological mediators including prostaglandins, cytokines and reactive oxygen intermediates during Ultraviolet Light induced Squamous Cell Carcinoma development.
    129 Hamilton Hall

    1645 Neil Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Traci Wilgus, PhD

    Research Interest

    Wounds and Injuries, Inflammation, Cancer

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Wilgus studies the involvement of the pro-angiogenic growth factor vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in skin carcinogenesis.
    M364B Starling Loving Hall

    320 W 10th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Jun Zhang, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Neoplasm Metastasis

    ... and 5 others
    Dr. Zhang’s research includes the development of medical imaging methodologies for effective cancer therapies and improved medical drug development; evaluation of low dose PET and PET imaging acceleration for clinical oncologic PET/CT without compromising qualitative and quantitative image

    395 W 12th Avenue

    Columbus, OH 43210