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  • Michael Pennell, MS, PhD

    Research Interest

    Colorectal Cancer, Cancer, Breast Cancer

    ... and 4 others
    Dr. Pennell's research interests include the methodological issues in cancer studies including the design and analysis of Group Randomized Trials for cancer screening interventions, survival analysis, joint modeling of cancer outcomes, and dose-response assessment of carcinogens.
    246 Cunz Hall

    1841 Neil Avenue

    Columbus, OH 43210

  • Chandan Sen, PhD

    Research Interest

    Wounds and Injuries, Cancer, Oxidative stress

    ... and 5 others
    Dr. Sen’s program is interested in tissue injury and repair and works across three organ systems- skin, brain and heart.
    513 Davis Heart & Lung Research Inst

    473 W 12th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210