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  • Michael Knopp, MD, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Neoplasm Metastasis, Renal Artery Obstruction

    ... and 7 others
    The broad research activities focus on imaging biomarker for disease characterization and response assessment, imaging technology development and validation, imaging biomarker development and validation.
    430 Twelfth Avenue, 395 West

    395 W 12th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Michael Tweedle, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Prostatic Cancer, Breast Cancer

    ... and 1 others
    Dr. Tweedle’s research focuses on the creation of new molecularly targeted pharmaceuticals that are visualized in vivo via any diagnostic imaging technologies: CT, MRI, Nuclear, Ultrasound or Light imaging.
    712 Biomedical Research Tower

    460 W 12th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Traci Wilgus, PhD

    Research Interest

    Wounds and Injuries, Inflammation, Cancer

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Wilgus studies the involvement of the pro-angiogenic growth factor vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in skin carcinogenesis.
    M364B Starling Loving Hall

    320 W 10th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210