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  • Norman Lehman, MD, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Glioma, Glioblastoma

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Lehman's interests are in cell cycle and apoptosis regulators as targets for cancer chemotherapy.
    4166 Graves Hall

    333 W 10th Ave

    Columbus, OH 43210

  • David Liebner, MD

    Research Interest

    Melanoma, Sarcoma, Thyroid Cancer

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Liebner is currently focused on (1) the development of Clinical Informatics tools that can be used to capture relevant cancer outcomes measures from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) as well as (2) leveraging computational tools (e.
    A422 Starling Loving Hall

    320 W 10th Ave

    Columbus, OH 43210

  • Cheryl London, DVM, PhD

    Research Interest

    Cancer, Osteosarcoma, Lymphoma

    ... and 5 others
    Dr. London's research includes the use of spontaneous tumors in dogs and cats as models for human cancer, investigation of kinase dysfunction in animal tumors, and mouse models of Kit dysregulation
    0454 Veterinary Medicine Acad Bldg

    1900 Coffey Road

    Columbus, OH 43210