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  • Brian Focht, PhD

    Research Interest

    Anxiety, pain, Weight Loss

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Focht’s research and professional interest is in the area of exercise and health psychology/behavior with a particular emphasis on exercise oncology, physical activity promotion in chronic disease prevention/management, and the effects of exercise on quality of life/psychological well-being.
    A042 Phys Activ & Educ Srvs Bldg

    305 W 17th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Rebecca Jackson, MD

    Research Interest

    Hip Fractures, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer

    ... and 7 others
    Dr. Jackson is involved in collaborative multidisciplinary team science with a focus on the epidemiology of chronic disease in women including osteoporosis and fracture, cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoarthritis.
    205 McCampbell Hall

    376 W 10th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

  • Albert Lai, PhD

    Research Interest

    Blood pressure, Infection, Influenza, Human

    ... and 3 others
    Dr. Lai's research focuses on extracting and characterizing phenotype data from the electronic medical record of patients with samples in biorepositories to support retrieval of highly specifically defined specimens collected from patients.
    3190 Graves Hall

    333 W 10th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210