Brachytherapy for patients with uveal melanoma: historical perspectives and future treatment directions.

Brewington BY, Shao YF, Davidorf FH, Cebulla CM
Clin Ophthalmol 12 925-934 01/01/2018


Surgical management with enucleation was the primary treatment for uveal melanoma (UM) for over 100 years. The Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study confirmed in 2001 that globe-preserving episcleral brachytherapy for UM was safe and effective, demonstrating no survival difference with enucleation. Today, brachytherapy is the most common form of radiotherapy for UM. We review the history of brachytherapy in the treatment of UM and the evolution of the procedure to incorporate fine-needle-aspiration biopsy techniques with DNA-and RNA-based genetic prognostic testing.

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