Clinical and Radiologic Manifestations of Bone Infection in Children with Cat Scratch Disease.

Erdem G, Watson JR, Hunt WG, Young C, Tomatis Souverbielle C, Honegger JR, Cassady KA, Ilgenfritz M, Napolitano S, Koranyi K
J Pediatr 201 274-280.e12 01/01/2018


We identified 13 patients with cat scratch (Bartonella henselae) bone infection among those admitted to a large tertiary care children's hospital over a 12-year period. The median age was 7 years and the median time from onset of illness to diagnosis was 10 days. Multifocal osteomyelitis involving spine and pelvis was common; no patient had a lytic bone lesion. Median treatment duration was 28 days (IQR, 24.5 days). Despite significant variations in treatment duration and antimicrobial therapy choices, all patients showed improvement.

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