Delivery of siRNA Using Lipid Nanoparticles Modified with Cell Penetrating Peptide.

Li Y, Lee RJ, Yu K, Bi Y, Qi Y, Sun Y, Li Y, Xie J, Teng L
ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 8 26613-26621 10/12/2016


Clinical development of siRNA has been hindered by the lack of an effective delivery system. Here, we report the construction of a novel siRNA delivery system, sTOLP, which is based on cell penetrating peptide oleoyl-octaarginine (OA-R8) modified multifunctional lipid nanoparticles. sTOLP nanoparticles are composed of a protamine complexed siRNA core, OA-R8, cationic and PEGylated lipids, and transferrin as a targeting ligand. sTOLP formulation was optimized and characterized in vitro and showed excellent gene silencing activity. In vivo, siRNA encapsulated in sTOLP exhibited potent tumor inhibition (61.7%) and was preferentially taken up by hepatocytes and tumor cells in HepG2-bearing nude mice without inducing immunogenicity or hepatic or renal toxicity. Furthermore, sTOLP-loaded siRNA had stability in circulation greater than that of free siRNA. These data demonstrated potential utility of sTOLP-mediated siRNA delivery in cancer therapy.

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