Design, synthesis and evaluation of anti-CD38 antibody drug conjugate based on Daratumumab and maytansinoid.

Zhang X, Zhang C, Yang X, Hou X, Zhao W, Benson D, Yu J, Dong Y
Bioorg Med Chem 27 479-482 02/01/2019


Daratumumab, an FDA approved antibody drug, displays specific targeting ability to abnormal white blood cells overexpressing CD38 and provides efficacious therapy for multiple myeloma. Here, in order to achieve enhanced remission of multiple myeloma, we designed Dara-DM4, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) by conjugating Daratumumab and DM4 via a disulfide linker. Dara-DM4 showed significantly higher cellular uptake and inhibitory efficacy on MM1S cells that overexpressing CD38 with an IC

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