Emerging roles of and therapeutic strategies targeting BRD4 in cancer.

White ME, Fenger JM, Carson WE 3rd
Cell Immunol 337 48-53 03/01/2019


The Bromodomain and Extra-terminal (BET) family of proteins were first recognized as important epigenetic regulators in inflammatory processes; however, there is increasing evidence to support the notion that BET proteins also play a critical role in 'reading' chromatin and recruiting chromatin-regulating enzymes to control gene expression in a number of pathologic processes, including cancer. To this end, the mechanisms by which BET proteins regulate chromatin remodeling and promote tumor-associated inflammation have been heavily studied over the past decade. This article to review the biology of BET protein dysfunction in promoting tumor-associated inflammation and cancer progression and the application of small molecule inhibitors that target specific BET proteins, alone or in combination with immunomodulatory agents as a novel therapeutic strategy for cancer patients.

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