Engineering Cell Surface Function with DNA Origami.

Akbari E, Mollica MY, Lucas CR, Bushman SM, Patton RA, Shahhosseini M, Song JW, Castro CE
Adv Mater 29 12/01/2017


A specific and reversible method is reported to engineer cell-membrane function by embedding DNA-origami nanodevices onto the cell surface. Robust membrane functionalization across epithelial, mesenchymal, and nonadherent immune cells is achieved with DNA nanoplatforms that enable functions including the construction of higher-order DNA assemblies at the cell surface and programed cell-cell adhesion between homotypic and heterotypic cells via sequence-specific DNA hybridization. It is anticipated that integration of DNA-origami nanodevices can transform the cell membrane into an engineered material that can mimic, manipulate, and measure biophysical and biochemical function within the plasma membrane of living cells.

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