Expanded CD56superbrightCD16+ NK Cells from Ovarian Cancer Patients Are Cytotoxic against Autologous Tumor in a Patient-Derived Xenograft Murine Model.

Poznanski SM, Nham T, Chew MV, Lee AJ, Hammill JA, Fan IY, Butcher M, Bramson JL, Lee DA, Hirte HW, Ashkar AA
Cancer Immunol Res 6 1174-1185 10/01/2018


Natural killer (NK) cells are useful for cancer immunotherapy and have proven clinically effective against hematologic malignancies. However, immunotherapies for poor prognosis solid malignancies, including ovarian cancer, have not been as successful due to immunosuppression by solid tumors. Although rearming patients' own NK cells to treat cancer is an attractive option, success of that strategy is limited by the impaired function of NK cells from cancer patients and by inhibition by self-MHC. In this study, we show that expansion converts healthy donor and immunosuppressed ovarian cancer patient NK cells to a cytotoxic CD56

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