Glycaemic status affects the subgingival microbiome of diabetic patients.

Longo PL, Dabdoub S, Kumar P, Artese HPC, Dib SA, Romito GA, Mayer MPA
J Clin Periodontol in press 05/09/2018


AIM: Periodontitis is correlated with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), but little is known about glycaemic status effect on subgingival microbiota associated with periodontitis. This study evaluated if periodontal microbiome of T2DM patients is affected by glycaemic status.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-one T2DM non-smoking patients with chronic periodontitis and body mass index ≤40 kg/m

RESULTS: DMA microbiome presented higher diversity than DMI. Inadequate glycaemic control favoured fermenting species, especially those associated with propionate/succinate production, whereas those forming butyrate/pyruvate was decreased in DMI. Higher abundances of anginosus group and Streptococcus agalactiae in DMI may indicate that subgingival sites can be reservoir of potentially invasive pathogens. Altered subgingival microbiome in DMI may represent an additional challenge in the periodontal treatment of these patients and in the prevention of more invasive infections.

CONCLUSION: Glycaemic status in T2DM patients seems to modulate subgingival biofilm composition.

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