High Glucose-Mediated STAT3 Activation in Endometrial Cancer Is Inhibited by Metformin: Therapeutic Implications for Endometrial Cancer.

Wallbillich JJ, Josyula S, Saini U, Zingarelli RA, Dorayappan KD, Riley MK, Wanner RA, Cohn DE, Selvendiran K
PLoS One 12 e0170318 01/01/2017


OBJECTIVES: STAT3 is over-expressed in endometrial cancer, and diabetes is a risk factor for the development of type 1 endometrial cancer. We therefore investigated whether glucose concentrations influence STAT3 expression in type 1 endometrial cancer, and whether such STAT3 expression might be inhibited by metformin.

METHODS: In Ishikawa (grade 1) endometrial cancer cells subjected to media with low, normal, or high concentrations of glucose, expression of STAT3 and its target proteins was evaluated by real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). Ishikawa cells were treated with metformin and assessed with cell proliferation, survival, migration, and ubiquitin assays, as well as Western blot and qPCR. Expression of apoptosis proteins was evaluated with Western blot in Ishikawa cells transfected with a STAT3 overexpression plasmid and treated with metformin. A xenograft tumor model was used for studying the in vivo efficacy of metformin.

RESULTS: Expression of STAT3 and its target proteins was increased in Ishikawa cells cultured in high glucose media. In vitro, metformin inhibited cell proliferation, survival and migration but induced apoptosis. Metformin reduced expression levels of pSTAT3 ser727, total STAT3, and its associated cell survival and anti-apoptotic proteins. Additionally, metformin treatment was associated with increased degradation of pSTAT3 ser727. No change in apoptotic protein expression was noticed with STAT3 overexpression in Ishikawa cells. In vivo, metformin treatment led to a decrease in tumor weight as well as reductions of STAT3, pSTAT3 ser727, its target proteins.

CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that STAT3 expression in type 1 endometrial cancer is stimulated by a high glucose environment and inhibited by metformin.

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